Painting Like A Pro

Give Your Room Some Pop With A Contrasting Wall

If you want to dramatically alter the style and mood of a room in your home, consider a quick and easy contrasting wall! This is a simple way to garner optimal impact, which you can complete in a weekend or a day off. Create your own contrasting wall with the following ideas: Paint a wall in a contrasting color. A quick and easy way to bring some pizzazz to your space is with a single wall painted in a bold, vibrant shade that complements your room d├ęcor. Read More 

How To Remove Powder Coating From Your Porch Railings

Powder coating is a process whereby a special paint is added to metal objects and adheres through a heated process. As it bonds to the metal, it creates a nearly permanent coat (nearly permanent because it will eventually wear off in spots). If you bought a home that has a very old set of porch railings, and those porch railings have powder coating that is now beginning to wear off, you may want to remove the powder coating and redo the railings. Read More 

4 Reasons To Get Pressure Washing Before Selling Your Home

If you know that you want to sell your home in the near future, you should start planning right away. Deep cleaning your home will make it look appealing to potential buyers, but house cleaners only provide cleaning services for the inside of your home. However, your home's exterior also plays a huge role in the impression you are able to make with those looking to buy a home. Getting pressure washing services from a company like Strictly Residential Professional Painting Services will help you prepare your home for selling. Read More 

A Few Secrets From Commercial Painters That Make A Difference

It can be surprising how different a room can look when it is painted by a professional. While most people can paint a room and it will look fine, it just does not look as good as when a commercial painter does the job, even when you buy all the same tools. When you are painting an office or waiting room, you want it to look as good as possible for your clients. Read More 

Color Your Way To Success: Which Colors Are Right For Your Office?

When you walk into someone's office, you might get a certain feel about the ambiance; you might feel it's bright and welcoming, or maybe you feel that it's stark and intimidating. What you probably don't realize is how much the color of the walls influences how you feel about the ambiance in the office. Colors affect people much more than they may realize; there is even a field in psychology dedicated to studying how colors influence people's behaviors. Read More