A Few Secrets From Commercial Painters That Make A Difference

It can be surprising how different a room can look when it is painted by a professional. While most people can paint a room and it will look fine, it just does not look as good as when a commercial painter does the job, even when you buy all the same tools. When you are painting an office or waiting room, you want it to look as good as possible for your clients. To get that professional look, here are a few tips painters use to get that perfect finish.

Prepare the Walls

Preparing the walls means more than spackling large holes and cracks. You should take a lamp without a shade and go around the room looking for any imperfection and then fixing them. This includes nail holes, even if you will be replacing the picture. Once you have made the repairs, sand them until they are completely level with the wall. Go over each repaired spot with primer and let it dry. Finally, wash the walls. Dust, cobwebs and anything that sits on the wall will leave a raised speck when painted.

Painting to the Edge

Taping off the ceiling, baseboard or any woodwork can create problems. The tape may stick so that it pulls paint off the ceiling when you try to remove it, paint may bleed under the tape, or paint on the tape can pull paint from the wall. Learn to use a tapered brush and cut the paint into the area where the wall meets the ceiling or something you do not want painted. To do this, apply paint only to the side of the tapered brush that will be used on the wall and keep your hand steady. Slowly paint along the edge before painting the rest of the wall.

Using the Brush or Roller

Do not put too much paint on the brush or roller. It is better to have too little paint and have to keep dipping into the tray. Tap the brush on the side of the can instead of scraping it. When the paint doesn't drip with a tap, the brush is loaded correctly. Too much paint is the main cause of drips. Keep the brush or roller moving when it is on the wall. Any time you stop or pause, you are risking a line or drip on the wall.

Painting a room is not difficult; however, to do it and have the results of a pro can take a bit of practice. But when you consider the time it will take you to paint the room, you may find paying for a commercial painter to do the job makes sense. In addition, this allows you to continue working in a different room to keep business moving along.

For larger jobs, let the pros handle it. Contact a professional painting company like Euro-Men Painting Ltd and schedule a painting date.