Give Your Room Some Pop With A Contrasting Wall

If you want to dramatically alter the style and mood of a room in your home, consider a quick and easy contrasting wall! This is a simple way to garner optimal impact, which you can complete in a weekend or a day off.

Create your own contrasting wall with the following ideas:

Paint a wall in a contrasting color. A quick and easy way to bring some pizzazz to your space is with a single wall painted in a bold, vibrant shade that complements your room décor. Look for matte interior paint that doesn't require primer for the fastest fix for your wall. Make sure to take time to tape the trim and window to avoid mess later.

Trim your wall with contrasting textures. A fun idea is to completely cover the wall with something textured for a great contrast and conversation piece in the home. For instance, invest in bamboo mats that can be glued or epoxied to the wall. Another simple suggestion is to glue or staple fabric to the wall.

Create a one-wall painted mural. Feeling artistic? Give a wall in the home a personal touch with a mural. If you don't think you have the skills, invest in some stencils at an arts and craft site or store to make it even easier. Use water-based paints so that you can clean up any mistakes.

Turn the wall into a chalkboard. Buy a couple cans of chalkboard spray-paint to turn a wall into an oversized chalkboard. Ask guests and friends to write messages or draw doodles to make the wall more distinctive. This is a great idea for a kids' room, too!

Compile framed pictures for a welcoming wall. Gather together all your favorite framed photos, and cover the wall with a large assortment of pictures, frames, colors, and styles. If you prefer a monochromatic scheme, paint all the frames in one solid color before hanging.

Add a faux window with vinyl clings. If you have a single, blank wall in the home, turn it into the view of your dreams with a vinyl cling. These are easy to find, cheap, and they will recreate the look of a window, the forest, a beach—anywhere that you choose! Try adding a faux window to the center of the wall that looks out onto a gorgeous scene that you can enjoy all year long!

Make a significant change to any room in your home with one of these contrasting wall ideas. Visit paint and home improvement retailers to find what you need to add some pop to your space on a rainy afternoon or a weekend. Or contact a painting service like Hemlock Painting to get started.