How To Make Your Paint Job Look Better

Homeowners often want to invest in home upgrades, but small budgets means that they don't have that many options. If you're looking for the cheapest home remodel, a simple paint job could be the perfect solution. Painting is one of the most manageable projects because it is affordable and is easy to do yourself. But if you want to make your paint job stand out and look like a professional did it, this article will be helpful. It explains it simple trick for creating a better looking paint finish.


The most critical part of any paint job is the lines and edges. Getting paint onto your walls and covering them completely is easy and straightforward, but actually creating the edges is difficult and requires some more forethought. That is, you can either create your edges and lines by doing it freehand or by using special painters tape. Freehanding is definitely only a technique you should try if you are an experienced painter.

Using Painter's Tape and Spackling Paste

Using just painter's tape also has its pitfalls. The biggest problem with painter's tape is that it isn't 100% leak proof. That is, paint can bleed underneath the tape, no matter how well it is pushed down. This is especially true if you are taping off textured surfaces. The best way to reinforce your tape and create a better line is to use some lightweight spackling paste. You can spread a little bit of spackling paste over the tape line. This basically pushes the paste into any of the gaps underneath the tape where the paint would have otherwise leaked. You just need to spread a very thin amount of paste over the tape. It shouldn't actually alter the texture of your wall. In fact, as it dries, the paste will hardly be visible. Once the paste is dry, you can paint your walls immediately. The process goes quicker if you apply all of the paste at once and then do all of the painting at once.

This simple extra step works wonders. When you paint directly over your tape, you have a truly leak-proof hold. When you pull the tape up after the paint is dry, it will look so much better and cleaner. It is definitely an extra step that will take some time, but it is going to result in much more professional looking lines.

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